Battery Case Examples

Hailong Cases

Hailong cases are very popular and they are available in a variety of sizes. They all have locking base plates they slide into and are a solid choice for most bikes. From left to right you see 65 cell, 70 cell and 56 cell cases. The 65 cell shown here will also accommodate a built in USB port for onboard charging for cell phones and other devices.

Silverfish Cases

“Silverfish” battery cases are another popular style commonly found on smaller folding e-bikes. These cases are mounted vertically behind the seat and slide in place on a rail. Due to their large size they can be built with many cells and thus provide very long range. These batteries are commonly built with 36 and 48 volt systems.

Specialty Cases

Odd placement choices or small bike frames are examples of why a unique battery case may be needed. Shown on the right is a Hailong Side Release battery case perfect for many bikes that cannot accommodate typical battery cases.

Reention Cases

Reention battery cases are manufactured with a semi flush mounting style and have become very popular in recent years. They are commonly used on hybrid and mountain bikes and are now available in extra large capacity housings. This brand of case is widely used on many modern factory e-bikes with specially cut frames made for an exact fit. They typically also have built in USB charging ports.

Big Polly

“Big Polly” is all about size. This massive case can hold up to (91) 18650 cells. A 48 volt setup with this case could provide you up to 24.5 amp hours. If using it in a 36 volt configuration you could have a whopping 31.5 amp hours for extreme range.

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